From the Library of Failure (Branch 2, Part 8)

She couldn’t come up with any answers that satisfied her and settled in to do her homework. Tonight though, reading was a frustrating lesson in futility. Jenny’s mind kept returning to her missing money and whatever DOUCHEBAG that took it. Each time her mind wandered, she got angry and had to reread sentences, or paragraphs all over again. It was ridiculous! She never had had such a hard time concentrating. Finally after forty useless minutes, she tossed the book aside and flopped on to her bed. Maybe she could finish the reading in the morning.

Jenny wanted someone to comfort her. Going to her parents felt childish and besides, both were busy. She could hear the sounds of the television which meant her mom was done practicing and was probably sitting at the kitchen table filling in a crossword puzzle. It was too late to call Gracie, her parents were super strict. That just left Mamoru.

She stretched out and grabbed the stuffed tiger, hugging him to her chest. It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing.

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