The War of Chaos

The Vindicator was retreating. The battle had been raging for a long time, and the conflict was escalating. Xanynhakh surveyed the field, and found his foe, Radek, running for the safety of the bastion, accompanied by a small escort of his finest Chaos Space Marines. Tachyon Arrow primed, the Annihilator took aim at the Coryphaeus, but the covering fire of other marines threw him.

Xanynhakh looked up to see a shell from the Vindicator’s mighty cannon falling towards him. A flick of his wrist and his mighty warscythe clove the shell in two, neutralising the explosives. The great tank had been a thorn in his side, and he would now deal with it.

Ordering his men after it, he plagued the vehicle with gauss fire. Weak, feeble, but enough to immobilise the tank. It would not be escaping. His implacable advance continued. The tank was helpless as the mighty warscythe that led the Hakyx forces fell upon it.

Radek cursed as his biggest gun exploded.

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