Where Were You?

I remembered where I was when the world started going to hell- standing in line at Luigi’s, trying to pick up a sandwhich for a late lunch. The first sound wasn’t a thundering crash but a tiny gasp from the tiny girl behind the counter. She covered her mouth in horror and I remember looking over my shoulder expecting to see a car accident.

Instead I was stunned to see the banking building across the street buck upwards. The violence and severity reminded me of a wild bull at a rodeo. Movement all around vied for my attention. The banking building was not alone, every other skyscraper was jerking violently too. It as if they were caught in a devastating but somehow isolated earthquake. The deli never moved.

Eventually something had to give. Glass shattered and windows began vomiting desks, chairs, and computers. Moments later it began to rain flailing, screaming people. Yeah, it makes me sick just thinking about the mess they made.

Anyway, that’s where I was. Where were you when the skyscrapers fell?

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