Rhymes Severed Yet Again (cont'd)

You smile and shine a light upon my world:
Before you were but water, heaven, earth.
I am depressed when you’re unhappy,
And when you laugh, to brim I fill with mirth.
How long before I lose you, like the others,
To this new suitor, or the next, the last?
Each moment passes and I wonder if ever
I will be the future, rather than the past?
I kindly ask that life desist repeating,
A year or three in passing every time,
This day, wherefore I hit the cusp an hour-
Later than ideal. I want to break the cycle,
Taste finally the sweet, instead of sour.
I like your spice, your anger, passion,
Your eyes, your skin, your body all,
I only wish I’d said it yesterday, and thus
Allayed the pain of this inevitable fall.

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