Sing and Cry

Mary was humming a song. Her mother liked to sing that song, and Mary didn’t know that was the song her mother sang at her wedding. Mary’s parents’ song.
Eventhough Mary didn’t know that fact, her heart already knew. Her heart ached, knowing that it’s still uncertain if her parents would live together again or not.
Mary was still humming the song. The ache she felt in her heart increased. She’s a kid, she would not fully understand what divorce meant. But, that song brought a pain she couldn’t bear.
Tears flew from the blue orbs she had. She hadn’t understood what love exactly was. All she knew about love were, love was a word her parents would say to her everytime. And love was a thing between her parents that without which Mary would never exist.
Her parents still said “I love you” to Mary, but the second thing — the love between them — had disappeared.
Truth hurts.

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