A Deal is Struck

Xanynhakh was a mighty Phaeron. And the Hakyx dynasty’s might reflected that of its ruler. There was a time when his name would send the most stalwart of men fleeing for their lives. But the universe has grown old, its inhabitants have grown stupid. The mortals have forgotten the Annihilator. They do not yet know to fear him.

This is why the proposal that Trazyn the Infinite had given him had intrigued him so. Solemnace would join his dynasty, if he aided Trazyn’s cause. Trazyn knew of Xanynhakh’s might, and found the Annihilator to be as well versed in the Necron history as he was himself. For this, Trazyn came to him and proposed the deal, and asked for a show of faith. He believed he had tracked down an ancient Eldar artefact. The Cryptoch.

Xanynhakh knew of it. A powerful artefact. And what’s more, it was hidden on an exodite world in the Malfora sector, a constellation crawling with lesser races, and many Imperial worlds.

This Galaxy would find its fear again.

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