Airships: A Blood-Red Cloak

The man scanned the streets expertly with his arms crossed and his face blank. He was in charge of making sure only the right type of people made it past him. He watched the nocturnal people begin filling the streets as the sun descended. A flurry of red down the street in front of him caught his expert eye. He blinked twice and the monocle on his left eye magnified what he was seeing.

He saw a figure in a blood-red cloak running towards him. He saw men following cloaked figure and he automatically reached for his weapon under his jacket.

He blinked twice, trying to get a better view but suddenly, the cloaked person was standing right in front of him with no assailants on his tail.

“Whoa!” He whipped out his pistol as his monocle fell to the ground.

The cloaked figure was only 5’5" and he was surprised at the tiny build of the figure’s body. Then, the hood was pulled back by black gloved hands and a girl’s face grinned up at him.

“I got rid of those men while you blinked. I’m here to see Firus Green.”

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