The Duke's Command

In the middle of a twirl, the music abruptly stops. I feel the music’s poison flushing out of my head and I can control my own limbs again. The Dolls are all stunned and dazed as we are every time the music stops.

I glance up at the Duke trying to focus on him instead of the pillars of glass and mirrors that confuse my foggy head as to which Duke I should be watching. He is smiling down at us as his friends behind him are whispering in each other’s ears.

I felt Doll #37b’s hand placed firmly on my shoulder as we all gaze up at the only person we live for. He slowly stands & his friends all stop chattering.

His voice suddenly booms out, echoing through the room, “That was beautiful, Dolls. My associates here are all very pleased at how you all behave. But we can’t give them too much of one thing. So, next we will show them your individual talents. Go away, my precious Dolls. The grown-ups have to talk.”

A soft song starts before I can process what he said and my legs dance me back through the double doors.

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