Airships: A Proposition

The door to Firus’ office slammed open and Elletra saw Firus jump and curse.

“Hey, Firus.” Elletra purred as she walked in.

“Elletra?” Firus asked finally as he set down the gun that he had been pointing at her forehead.

Elletra smiled, “Been a while.”

“Four years. How old are you now?” He asked after taking a long swig of his bottle.

“That’s blunt. But I’m 16. I have a favor to ask. Or more of a proposition.”

“Talk fast.” Firus growled as he leaned his head on the bottle in his hands.

“I’m collecting a debt. I saved your life from those thugs in that fold that was tearing. I need either an airship or you can get me into the Avis E. Webb’s Academy for Orphans. I know you got your friend’s nephews in there five years ago. Some kids by the name of Delamore, I think. Which will it be?”

Firus stared at her with a smile, “How about a job at the Garden?”

Elletra’s green eyes narrowed into furious slits, “And be called what? Rosemary? Hibiscus? Carrots? I don’t think so. Academy or an airship, Firus? Pick.”

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