Oh lovely moon, pearly dish of tears
Were you as pale on that night of fears

When that ship sank into
the inky depths of silence?

Oh moon, why do you not weep now?
For the young and healthy boy that prayed to you?

His lips besought the cold mercies of the world
and still the waves dragged him under

How do you smile so calmly? Teach me that smile
you shroud it with clouds
but the screeching seagulls know
how you smiled down at him
While he breathed his last, waves crashing
over him, his heart hung

Save your cracked smile paint your face
the mask of a clown
for somebody
else who
will you turn away
give me some
cares for your

Do you see these waves which lap at my feet
like greedy hands grabbing
his hands grabbed at nothing as you watched
with your frozen smile

Oh wretched moon he cried out and he begged
but you smile you sadist at his screams
your lips as thin as crescents
sharp as knives
he had no help he was alone
and you let him sink
beneath those crashing waves
still he drifts

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