Airships: The Lift

Elletra was floating on left over adrenaline from the confrontation she had with Firus. She still couldn’t believe he didn’t argue more. They weren’t exactly on the greatest of terms since, before they reached an uneasy alliance, she did try to kill him. Thrice.

Elletra sped towards the Lift that would take her up to the Sky Docks that were on top of Mount Kilimanjaro. She evaded the alleys this time so she wouldn’t have any more thugs running after her.

She reached the Lift in record time and found most of the capsules to be empty. A sleepy attendant waved her over to the nearest one. Elletra jumped into the cramped metal cylinder and nodded at the attendant after she lying down straight.. The attendant slammed the heavy door with a mumbled “Buckle up”. She could hear the gears under her begin to whir and she fastened all the belts onto her petite form.

In a few seconds, the Lift shot the capsule she was in forward on the railings and she was carried into a tunnel of the mountain and then straight up.

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