Airships: French Gentleman

Elletra was somewhat caught off guard and forced herself not to blush as she followed the handsome captain aboard. Jerem obviously knew Firus quite well if he could distinguish the forged handwriting which she had been trying to perfect for years.

Jerem started calling orders, & she took the moment to study him. He was in a loose shirt, brown pants, & shiny black boots, with a pair of black goggles resting atop his head and a gold-topped cane which he pointed around more like a sword. He was tan, brown hair that slightly curled, probably in his early twenties & a small mustache that made him look even more distinguished. His green eyes were scanning the deck with an expert’s gaze.

“Ready to go, Mademoiselle?” He turned his attention to her finally and Elletra couldn’t help but smile at his gentleman-like attitude and almost didn’t want to cause trouble for him. Almost.

“Where are we heading?” Her Italian accent coming out strong.

“Can’t spoil the fun.” He chuckled and then called out to fire the engines.

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