Airships: Release

The engines took hold with a sudden roar that quickly died down to a rumble. The crew shouted to one another, scuttling back and forth while the cradle gently released the ship. Elletra grinned, the thrill of departure filling her with excitement. She turned to speak to the captain -

He was gone. In his place, a broad-shouldered crew member tugged at her elbow and bowed when she looked at him quizzically.

“The captain apologises, miss, but he must speak with the navigator about the course. If you’d like to follow me belowdecks? I’ll show you the rest of the ship and your bunk.”
He lifted the hatch and gestured for her to descend first.
“I’m Gladstone, miss, the first mate. Right here’s the galley – all sealed tight-like, when the cook’s not doing his thing…”
The ship was very tight, great care obviously having been put into making best use of every single inch of space. Almost everything folded away, and generally had two or more uses in any case.
“… and here’s your cabin. We hope you’re happy with it.”

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