The Plan

“It’s not much farther now!” Screamed Dr. Instavic over the roar of the snowy winds, his transylvanian accent carrying through the snowstorm.

Reach the pole, apply the serum. Simple. “Yes, simple,” the Count muttered to himself, “Too simple.”

“Ah ha!” Screamed Instavic.Count Torador ran up to him and looked over his shoulder, “Observe,” The navigation device was going haywire, needle spinning around like crazy, “The magnetic north pole”. The Doctor reached into his coat, and withdrew a small round fruit, and a needle containing a clear liquid.

Placing the hairy fruit on the ground, he shot the liquid into it.

“Well, how long will it take? You promised me mass destruction, and I want results!”

Instavic smiled, “Not long, you should see the Aurora right about…”

Thwack! The Count was out cold, a giant of a man standing over him.

“Now,” The last syllable sounded in a cockney tone, “So, is the transfer complete?”

“Yes, sir, the Count’s assets are ours now.”

“Not a count, a Fool”, Instavic spat.

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