From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 9)

The conversation with N lingered in Gwen’s mind. It was there as she practiced the breathing and spine excercises that were so essential to the shequan martial arts that she strugged so hard to learn. It was there during her hour of swimming. It clouded her mind during yoga. She was tempted to oblivion ring the whole thing but she didn’t. By the time she headed to her room, she was exhausted and ready for sleep, if only to get away from her doubts.

They followed her, morphing dream into nightmare, sending an unprecedented number of Jenny’s to plague her. In one particularly awful nightmare, Jenny’s surrounded her in an endless sea of savage faces and pulled her down. They ripped clothes and flesh alike, devouring everything with abandon.

When Gwen awoke, she was weary and unrested for the first time in a long time. This assignment will be just like all the others. Gwen tried to reassure herself but the words sounded false even in her head. Heavy hearted and troubled she headed down to the transport bay.

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