That "Eureka" Moment

“So a SETI researcher, a cephalopod biologist, and an A.I. developer walk into a bar…” quipped Mike, the A.I. guy.

“Haha. Another round? I asked. Since finishing school, pub night had been a weekly tradition for the three of us. It was a great way to unwind, bitch about bosses, and just talk to people in a different field. Sometimes we even gave each other ideas.

Beer was quaffed, a platter of nachos was devoured, and the conversation flowed.

“Actually, we just got some new equipment that uses a bunch of FPGAs to—” Daniel began.

“No, don’t tell me. It analyzes more frequency bands!” said Mike.

“Aw, screw off. I’m sure you’re breaking new ground with your algorithms for robot vacuum cleaners.”

“Hey guys,” I interrupted, “do you suppose it’s a conflict of interest for me to order the calamari?”

“Yeah, laugh it up. You two are bumbling around the universe looking for alien intellects to talk to.” Mike paused, looking thoughtfully at his half-empty pint glass. “But I’m the one who’s gonna create one.”

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