What He'll Be

“It’s a pig!/A flying pig!/He rides an elephant that flies!” sang my vibrant 5 year old. There are days when I really think he can do anything. I can’t imagine what he will be when he grows up.

He learned to swim and likes to do somersaults and touch his belly to the bottom of the shallow end. He will jump in, too. Maybe he will be a diver or swimmer like my cousin’s daughter.

He is very good at kicking a ball and hitting a baseball with a bat. Maybe he will play a summer sport like my cousin the pitcher.

On the way home I was quizzing him on basic math facts. He used his fingers, but he answered even hard ones correctly. Maybe he will become a physicist or engineer.

He has begun to put the sounds of letters together to figure out how to read and spell words. Perhaps he will become my writer.

His stick figure people have round bodies and a few details. Maybe he will have inherited the creative and artistic genes. Those are great for problem solving.

I truly think he will master whatever he does!

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