Harry and Jorge (pt 5)

Jorge kept right on slapping saying things like, “There, there.” and “Easy there partner” attempting a Cuban John Wayne.When Harry had recovered Jorge ordered a pair of, as he put it, “How you saay, Long Island Iced Tea?” Jorge rose abruptly, opened his wallet and placed a few bills on the bar. “So, what do you say we take a leettle walk Harry my boy?” This sounded like a perfectly horrid plan, but Harry went along with it and before he knew it he was back in the sultry Havana air griping a tall glass of “Iced tea” and sweating like an ox. They strolled for a time down Los Christianos and then turned down La Playa headed in the direction of the waterfront.“So how’s life treating you? You still working for the DA or what?” Harry took another sip of his tea; it was cool and soothing on his throat.

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