Airships: The Captain's Job

The ship was violently rocking and shuddering and she could hear the men hollering above. Elletra was frozen in fear, crouched on the floor as she stared at the gaping hole in her room. Tendrils of electricity crept into her room from the empty space. She looked down and noticed that her room was still vanishing, empty space getting closer to her. She jumped to her feet with silent terror as she flew out of her room, and straight into Captain Jerem who was posed to knock on her door.

“What’s going on!? My-” Elletra yelled at Jerem that had amusement swimming in his eyes.

“Mademoiselle, you have never been to another fold?” He asked, a grin forming.

Elletra’s eyes went wide, “The folds are stuff of legend.”

Jerem threw his head back and laughed, “Mademoiselle, I study and chart folds. It is my job. Your room is just going through the fold. We must go slowly as we enter it so that’s why your room seems half vanished. I need to stay in on this side of the fold until the last of my ship goes through. Come.”

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