Audrey G. Burnett: Preparations

Audrey always knew her family was extremely distinguished in their special society and was trusted by everyone but she still couldn’t shake the feeling that they were all insane. She didn’t know what her father had been thinking when he decided to follow the myth and rumors of Storm Colors. Sure, the city did exist since they were now living there but they had almost died getting to it.

The vicious Fire Cyclones that circled and hid the city had almost torched them and the mauraders from nearby Raventops had almost sent them plummeting to the seas. And now her father & brothers were all planning on revealing some secret at the Expressionist’s Parade. They spent their days locked up in the barn behind their house making a racket. Her mother & sister-in-law were busy with preparations so Audrey had no one to talk to and she hated…

Audrey sighed and stopped her internal rant before she started saying nasty things. She did love her family but their obsession with the Expressionists was getting worrisome.

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