Honesty About Lying

Honesty is a valued trait. We all want to be able to trust others. There is a safety in knowing that someone is treating you the way you deserve to be treated. Any mistreatment because you deserve it burns hot and fast. Forgiveness comes easier when you can’t justify away the guilt.

Honesty is inherent. 2 year olds are brutally honest. They call a fat person fat, tell strangers how they got hurt, and your secrets.

Lying is learned.

A 3 year old learns to say ‘no’ when he means ‘yes’. He knows what trouble is and what consequences are and figures out how to make a concentrated effort to avoid them. Lying is a survival mechanism. While it is a developmental stage that shows you are growing mentally, it is one of the most dangerous skills to learn.

Lying indicates that you can feel shame, guilt, remorse, and regret. The shameless are often brutally honest. They have nothing to fear. They have learned to accept responsibility for their actions, ask for forgiveness, say they are sorry and move on.

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