The Fool

Carla cackled as she jabbed a finely cut nail down against the “send” button. This would be the text message that caused him to block her number. A pair of arms encircled the girl from behind, and she felt hot breath against her ear as a voice read what the message said.
There was a pause.
“You’ve spent three weeks telling this guy how you make your living as a whore, can’t live without him, and now you’re quoting Socrates? Poor boy.”
Carla grinned, her blue eyes twinkling in amusement. “This one was particularly amusing.”Judy slumped against Carla’s blonde curls. “You aren’t nice.”
She shrugged and set down the phone to lace their fingers together.
“I’m a Fool, it’s what I do.”
“Still.” But Carla could feel the smile against her hair.
“Think about it this way darling,” She shifted her body and pulled Judy onto the couch.
“Crazy or not, a beautiful woman threw herself at him. His confidence has gone up now.”
Judy leaned in for a kiss, and Carla responded eagerly.

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