Usagi the Rabbit

There once was a bunny named Usagi,who spent all her nights looking at the moon.
One night Berry the fox walked onto Usagi’s hill and sat down behind her.
He had just finished his evening meal and was in a curious mood.

“Tell me Usagi” He said, “Why do you always look at the moon?”

“Someone who loves me gave me this moon.”

Usagi replied,
“And if I look at it long enough, he will come back for me.”

Berry began to smile.
“If he comes back I will eat him!” He announced.
Usagi stopped looking at the moon and turned to the fox.
“If you eat him, I will get you.” She frowned.

Then Berry began to laugh.
His mouth opened wide,
his head tilted back,
and his eyes closed.
“YOU?! EAT ME?!” He bellowed.

So distracted by laughter was he, that when Usagi bumped his side with her little body he lost his balance.
Down, down, down, Berry tumbled until he landed in the river with a SPLASH!
Berry the fox was swepy away.

Now it was Usagi’s turn to laugh.

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