Swirling Emotions

From the beginning, let us create.
Emotions are feelings for each to take.
Sadness first. A woman, head bowed, by herself in the rain.
Of course it must be the rain, as everything else is blue.

What does she remember? Why is the man across from her,

Deeper sadness, closer to disgust.
Terrible feelings.
No Renaissance,

A shift, a change.
New emotions.
A dance, a ball, a party.

A young boy in a blue dress.
Brown curls bouncing, the center of attention.
He dances with all as a little girl.

Emotions shift.
Time changes.

A boy now a man, different roles are implied.
No longer the dress, now a jacket.
Still a dance floor.
Still a birthday.

No longer a child.

No longer a human.

Dance forms shift into flowers turning towards us,
the audience.
Flowers bow.

The music ends.

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