The End Times

Xanynhakh’s oils were pumping hot through his body. The Cryptoch was so close, he could almost reach out and take it. He had felt its energies before, when he had been held back from his prize by the Eldar reinforcements, but now the taste was stronger to his mind.

The Eldar warships were in sight now, and the hum of the particle whips resounded as the tombship converted what little of the artefact’s energies it could find into excess power. Xanynhakh gave the silent command and the whips cracked. They broke apart the Eldar ships on a particular level, and the artefact was seen to fall from the ship, toppling down to the red moon of Farkun below them. The Eldar made to land, retrieve the Cryptoch.

But Xanynhakh the Annihilator would not make it easy for them. His scanners had already located the artefact, and he beamed down to the surface.

This was it. The fight to end all fights. It was as if it was a resolution to a sixty million year old conflict. And there could only be one victor.

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