All in the Family II

“Disposing of a body isn’t as easy as it used to be,” I said, my mother shakes her head

“What did I tell you? Huh,” a whispered demand.

I hit replay and re-run our conversation but most of the words are hidden beneath the splatter.

“I can’t remember,” I say scratching another red spot off my arm, “besides, I was busy.”

“I don’t think I can help you this time.


“Hush now, what did you tell the police? You didn’t mention me,” her eyes velvet covered daggers.

“I told them everything mother, but I didn’t mention you. I would never mention you. Please mother, you must help me, you simply must.”

She reaches across the table and rubs my damaged arm a finger traces a bulging vein to my hand, which she clutches gently.

“You didn’t mention the others did you? We might get away with this, call it self-defence, but the others, well that is more difficult," she says calmly, my heart thumps ribs.

“About that," I say.

My words peel back velvet and unsheathe polished daggers.

“You idiot,” she says.

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