Eliminating Middle Men

The ink had not yet dried on the page when it was ripped from my hands.

“This is it? This is all I need to defeat the entire Mayfield clan?”


Her eyes were wild with triumph. She rolled the parchment into a scroll and stamped her seal upon it.

“You know, this would be much easier if you learned to write.”

“Do not mock me, your future leader! I have no patience for tedious scribbling. Be off before I forget how useful you are.”

I smiled to myself as I left. Bound as she was to me, her threats were mere banter. I was destined to ride her coattails to great wealth.

In my chambers I watched the white horse gallop off carrying a messenger to deliver the formal papers to the Mayfield clan. Once Duchess Bellamy proved her lineage, they had no choice but to seat her on the throne after King Cerwin’s death.

The books stacked all around my room seemed to weigh it down. I began to build a fire in the fireplace and destroy the real records. Nothing would prevent my ascension to King.

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