Airships: Kraken's Tentacles

“Relax. This is my 56th time going through a fold.” Jerem said as he wrote something in a worn notebook.

Elletra was transfixed by the electric tendrils that kept bringing the airship closer to what seems likes oblivion. At least, Elletra thought that’s what oblivion would look like. A hungry lightning-kraken’ s tentacles that pull you into a blue void of nothing.

Elletra shivered at her morbid imagination and forced herself to observe her first pass through a fold. Slowly, men were being caught by the tendrils and she watched as the electric snakes curled up their legs and they stood frozen until the part of the ship they were standing on was swallowed by the fold. Shortly, the kraken’s tentacles were climbing up the window in front of her.

Elletra gasped and backed up but Jerem caught her from behind and inched her forward. Slowly, one of the electric tendrils came through and gently wrapped around her wrist and sink into her skin. A strange phantasmagorical euphoria came over as she started to vanish.

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