Wanda’s eyes were glued to the man who was dressed all in black and was soaked to the bone and had quite a bit of mud on his arms and face. Wanda inched her hand to the side-pocket on her pants where she kept pepper spray and gulped down the terror that seized her muscles.

“Oh come now, Wanda. We don’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Especially since I am not the enemy that you remember from nine years ago.” His voice got softer, “I am not the one that gave you all those shots. I know you remember the one that he stuck in your eye. I’m sorry I couldn’t have stopped him but I wasn’t around then.”

Wanda’s throat caught as old nightmares resurfaced before she could manage to say, “Who are you?”

The man smiled, “You think I could get cleaned up before we get formally introduced?”

Wanda’s eyes narrowed, “You’re not the first one with that line.”

His smile faltered, “I’m James. And you’re not supposed to see me, Wanda. That’s why I’m here. I’m invisible to everyone but you and your pretty green eyes.”

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