From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 10)

The open terrace of the transport bay was reassuringly familiar. White fluted columns regularly interrupted the rippling bronze of the walls. Wide, flat steps, descended down to a tiled terrace that led to three rounded elevator-looking doors. Strangely, there was almost no sign of the advanced technology the room housed. Considering what the transport bay did, Gwen was always surprised that it didn’t look more like the rest of the Library. It looked like a patio.

She stopped by the terminal on the wall and punched in E122-JEH, making sure the console in her arm read the same. One time she had forgotten and had been stranded until N opened a door to her location. That had been enough.

A light above Door Two changed from red to an electric green.

The third screen on her arm constantly counted down as it always did, nanoseconds flying by in a constant stream numbers. When all the boxes reached zero, a button bearing a black rectangle started to glow the same electric green. She slapped it.

It was game time.

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