A Ring of Fire (Stranger than Fiction Challenge)

She crossed my mind as I rose out of bed. I hated myself for this obsession.
As I brushed my teeth, she crossed my mind again.
I prepared myself for our encounter, today, I would finally talk to her. Today was the day.
I walked out of my house, down the block, and took a deep breath. There, standing across the street was the prettiest woman I’d ever seen, standing on that corner, as always. I slicked back my hair, and started to cross the street.
And I fell into a ring of fire.
I was insanely confused. I looked up, and saw the normal world, getting farther and farther away. The walls of this huge hole I had fallen into were covered in flame. I fell down, down, down and the flames crept higher.
Oh, it burned, burned, burned, That ring of fire. I screamed, hoped that somehow someone could hear me. But, I couldn’t even see the world I had left behind, and doubted they would even noticed I was gone.
Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire, I fell into a burning ring of fire…….

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