A Day at Work in 2018

Fabric-covered cubicles have been replaced with acrylic bricks that have programmable displays. Dwight, the Assistant to the Regional Manager, programs the displays with motivational quotes.

You enter your cubicle, finish your cancer-curing protein shake, and sit down in your twenty-nine thousand dollar ergonomic chair. Apple OS 30 “Cute Catfish” boots up and your digital agent greets you. “You have 4 virtual meetings today, 10 projects awaiting updates from your 14 supervisors, and 101 messages from your Ex-wife.”

The keyboard and mouse interface have been replaced with VR glasses. You look like something out of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” as you slide the dark shades over your eyes.

You cancel all appointments and launch Word of Warcraft (Virtual Reality Edition). As your’e about to cleave the skull of a level 70 warrior, your two main bosses appear in front of you.

“I’m Bill S. Preston, Esquire,” one says.

“And I’m Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan,” the other says.

“And we’re… WYLD STALLYNS!!!”

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