Airships: Disobeying Orders

Elletra, in a state of bewilderment at the new world and circumstances, slumped down onto her tiny bed. She struggled to get her nerves under control as all of these strange events sunk in.

Shortly, she heard several men yelling and cursing in a variety of languages and suddenly, the ship was hit by a mighty barrage of projectiles! Elletra was instantly on her feet and running between men to get to the top deck. It seemed the ship was continually hit as she tried to maintain her balance running through stairways and hallways.

Out of the blue, she heard Captain Jerem’s voice through speakers along the walls booming out, “All crew members, prepare close-combat weapons and prepare for hostiles.”

Elletra’s veins were instantly charged with adrenaline and she grabbed a hold to the nearest man who was charging in the opposite direction.

She yelled above the deafening noise, “Close-combat? How close?”

“Get back to your cabin. We are being boarded by mafia pirates.”

There was no way she was going to the cabin.

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