Unfamililar Faces - 2

A full on panic rushed through me, i could feel my legs freeze up and my eyes getting caught in a distant stare. I stood there frozen and unmovable.I could see the distant lights of cars becoming brighter and brighter but i just stood there, about to give up when suddenly a hand reaches down from above and hoists me over the fence, and there was tyler.We stared at each other, me not knowing weather to hug him for saving me or slap him for leaving me like that. Our reunion was interupted by the screeching of tiers as a cop car stoped right before the fence.Now i had different fellings for the large fence. Now i loved it, for now it was the only thing keeping me from a life of a convict, a criminal, a rebel, a life i did not want.

The flashlights of several cops now shown through the fence. Me and tyler sat huddled in a bush right behind the fence as tracking dogs paced back in forth on the other side .They knew we were here and very soon we would be taken away to jail if we didnt do something smart and fast.

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