Articulate Greg, part 1, Epilogue

Janet’s eyes fluttered, as if she was clearing them. Visions of pages, illustrations, figures, graphs still clouded her vision.

“600,000 books, Janet. What’s different? What revelations do you have?” Greg had removed her “knowledge jack”, allowing her to sit up. He gave her a glass of water.

“I-I-I,” Janet stammered. She continued to blink; she began to cry. “Greg, I can’t see! The books – I can’t stop seeing them.” She shut her eyes tightly and wept.

Greg held her. He had done this to her. Based on too little research and too little time, he had forced this on her, manipulating her into being his test subject. After all, could you ask a monkey if reading improved his tool-making skills? Could you force a library worth of knowledge into a mouse and expect-

“Greg?” He hadn’t noticed that she’d stopped crying. “If my memory serves me, I think we could increase the output tenfold by using gold wiring instead of copper.”

“Also, it worked.”

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