Articulate Greg, part 2, Epilogue

If Janet had seen “pages of figures”, Greg was seeing libraries of them. A fog of images flew in and out of his vision, and he struggled to focus on even one of them. Faintly, through the fog, he could still make out the details of his lab.

Janet’s brain had taken nearly ten minutes to process her newfound knowledge. Greg had pumped his brain with over 28 times the amount of knowledge, so he didn’t expect to see clearly for nearly five hours.

He turned, to tell Janet things were okay. Except – he didn’t. He tried again, but his body wouldn’t respond. In fact, he didn’t feel much of anything; all he saw and felt was the fog. Even sound seemed foggy and distant.

Janet suddenly rushed into his field of vision, but then out again. Her movements were panicked and terrified. Then, he realized, “She thinks I’m dead.”

An ambulance; vitals taken (at least his heart still beat); a drive across town; cords, monitors, a hospital bed. Greg waited. For five hours.

Then, “Do you think insurance covers this?”

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