It’s two o’clock in the morning and I’ve been at this for hours.

There is a chair, and I am sitting in it.

There is a small off-white colored room, and I am sitting on a chair inside of the room.

There is a door, and it is locked.

There are dim flourescent light, and they are on.

There is a chair, inside of a dimly lit, small, off-white colored room that has a light switch with the door locked, and I am sitting in it.

I am facing the light switch.

One more try.

Focus on the light switch. Feel the connection from across the room.

I blink.

As the lights shut off, you hear the flicking off of the light switch magnified like a gunshot in the now dark silence.


“Ok,” I say. “I did it. Now let me out.”

The speaker on the wall says: “You will remain in testing until further notice.

“If I can turn the lights off, I can unlock the door.” I warn.

The speaker disconnects, leaving only the sound of static behind.

They leave me no choice…..

Click Goes the lock, and off I go.

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