Airships: Italian Stilettos

Elletra turned to her fighting partner and signaled for him to go up the ladder first. He bolted up the ladder with Elletra quick on his heels. She knew she would have to follow him since the enemies didn’t seem to look any different from the crew members.

They made it to the top deck wear they were assaulted by the smell of gun powder & the sounds of screams of all kinds. The deck was full of different kinds of fights between dozens of men. Guns, swords, maces, & bows and arrows were being used by both sides while smoke ascended from guns and a few fires. A giant spider-looking clamp was attached to the side of the ship and she could see at least thirty men sliding down it from a larger ship two hundred meters away.

Elletra abandoned the man she was with as she decided to block the point of entry. She sprinted across the deck and tossed her clumsy sword aside. She never was good with those.

Elletra took out two sharp stiletto knives from her waistband and let out a war cry as she neared the first man.

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