They have been here again.

Just last week I had new locks put on my windows and doors. They’re guaranteed to be the best at keeping people out.

Why don’t they work?

I open my closet door to take stock. Yes, my clothes are back. The shirts and pants that were taken last time they came have made a reappearance, just as those that were returned to my dresser drawers. My bag of brand new clothes sits untouched in the bottom of the closet. I guess I can return them now.

Wrapping my robe tighter around my body, I shuffle into the bathroom. My medicine is not in the cabinet. So they returned my clothes and took my medicine. While I was sleeping. This is not good.

I reach for my cordless phone and begin checking all the windows and doors in my house. All locked, no sign of the intruders. I dial the now-familiar number.

“Yes, someone has broken into my house again. Will you send that nice police man who came last time?”

Maybe this time they’ll catch the people who have been breaking into my house for a year.

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