Airships: Unfamiliar Faces Have Disadvantages

Elletra nodded but quickly squirmed away from the uncomfortable closeness between Jerem and herself. Then she noticed more men swinging down from the clamp’s rope and she suddenly had an idea.

“I’ll keep them busy if you can destroy the cable attached to the clamp. And then-” Elletra started as she quickly took a man by surprise as he landed close to her and roundhouse kicked him over the rails of the ship.

Jerem quickly fininished her uncompleted sentence, “And then I’ll blast them to kingdom come. Pardon the language.”

Elletra smiled as she quickly took on a series of equally hesitant men as they noticed her young age and gender. Meanwhile, Jerem hollered for Gladstone and a few others while he quickly began hacking away at the clamp’s colossal steel rope.

Elletra saw the called men swarming over to where she was and figured she would be of better use elsewhere. She quickly scanned the deck for tell-tale signs of the mafia pirates and decided to just disable the men, just in case she made a mistake.

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