Moon & Sun

I love you,
Like the moon loves the sun,
He chases her – day after day and night after night,
He never tires,
Never gives up.

I adore you,
Like the sun adores the moon,
Giving him her light to use at night,
To find her, to meet her at dawn.

They say that opposites attract,
is that true for the sun and the moon?
Are they truly opposite?
No, they are a perfect match for the other,
Just like you are to me, and I to you.
They both illuminate our sky,
bring light to our earth.
But then, one is dark and one is light,
One is warm and one is cool.

Likewise, you bring out the very best in me, and I in you.
You have your strengthens, as have I – We stand behind each other in them.
You have your weaknesses, as have I – We build the other up so we can sustain them.
Then we have what we both excel in, and we support each other equally.

I love you,
Like the moon loves the sun.

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