Ruby Hollow - Part 2

Stunned, Ruby slowly made her way through the trees. Branches reached for her, trying to hold her back. She pushed them away blindly. She wasn’t sure how long it was before she stepped into the hollow. Her hollow. Ruby’s Hollow.

Sun filtered through the leaves above, casting a soft, soothing light on her surroundings. Ruby sank onto the soft ground, lying on her back and staring at the kaleidoscope above her. A breeze rustled through, singing a sad song.

He was engaged. To someone else. Ruby had realized too late that she loved him, and now nothing could be done. Two tears slipped from beneath her eyelids, streaking down into her hair. She closed her eyes, trying to smother the pain.

The wind’s song took on a new sound, a lighter sound, and seemed to take Ruby’s thoughts with it.

She loved him! That in itself was beautiful. That in itself was cause for joy. Even if she could never tell him, it was enough that she knew. It was her beautiful, painful secret.

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