Airships: A Familiar Face?

Elletra’s mind flashed back to a time when she had been a prisoner, taking lessons on royal etiquette, and had been engaged to a young drunkard of an enemy’s son. She slightly remembered the duke’s family & the engagement party. But only one face had stood out.

“No, I don’t think so. But I do travel quite a bit so you could have seen me from a distance sometime.”

Hawkeye’s chocolate eyebrows furrowed in concentration for a moment before smiling again at her, “Ah, my mistake then. What brings you aboard the Silver Skies?”

Elletra smiled, “I’m running away.”

His eyes narrowed, hiding his navy blue irises that Elletra was internally swooning over, “Care to elaborate?”

“Some other time. As much as I hate to leave you in the dark, I have to go & that question requires an answer that I don’t have enough time for.”

Hawkeye arched an eyebrow but stood up and bowed slightly, “A pleasure meeting you, Elletra. I’ll see you again later, I’m sure.”

Elletra nodded and left, but her mind was on those blue eyes.

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