“Bens! Bens, check this out. Have you seen Bonescratch’s latest music video?”
“The one with the foxies?”
“No, it’s newer. Based on a lived performance. Here let me – crap, it has to load again.”
“Here, bring it up on my laptop. I’ll just minimize this.”
“Stupid phone signal. I just had it up. Bonescraaaatch – videos. No, no, no. It should be right here at the top…”
“That one?”
“Which one?”
“It says Face of White. That’s from the new Collarless album.”
“Ah! Yes, that’s it. Here we go, watch this. Wait, what?”
“It’s an ad, Gair, just skip it.”

“Haha, Jenin still dances like she’s afraid of her own tail.”
“Ignore her, watch the lead singer. You can’t miss it, really.”
“I actually really like this song. Gair, can you not sit so close? Your whiskers keep getting in my eyes.”
“Sorry. This is it! Watch, watch!”

“Aw, really? A silhouette over the moon?”
“Right when he howls!”
“That is so archaic. I can’t believe he went that direction.”
“Haha! You know wolves, they just never get over it.”

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