No Big Deal

Jared waited in the hotel room as his men stood like gun-toting titans wrapped in black tactical armor. They flanked his easy chair and kept track of the constant stream of tactical info buzzing across the earphones they wore.
“Time check.”
Jared had a watch, but it was set to another time zone.
“9:55 pm, sir.” said the titan on the left.
Good. Five minutes until-
“Knock knock!”
The door beeped, clicked, and opened, to the outrage of the three men, admitting a curvy woman with blonde curls, a pink business jacket and matching skirt.
“What’s the meaning of this? The deal was to be made at ten!”
“I make a habit of being early,” she said cheerily. “Here’s the case. Got the money?”
Titan on the right hefted a suitcase with stacked bills peeking out.
“Great! I’ll take that and go. Nice doing business with you.”
“That’s it? You think you can just walk out of here?”
She turned and winked. “Who’s gonna stop me, babe?”
Jared stared slack-jawed after her. It was a moment later when he realized the radio was silent.

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