New Tortuga: The Pirates' Prodigies

“Imma blast you right out of the skies!” A small girl with a dagger in each hand growled from a roof.

The recipients of the threat, a redheaded girl & an Asian-looking boy on the ground below, burst out laughing and took off running. The girl with the daggers, a ten-year-old named Hannah, quickly took her handmade gun which she had affectionately named Ocean’s Cannon, aimed at the two receding figures and fired four consecutive shots. They all hit the mark.

The two kids were sprawled on the floor, soaked to the bone, and playing dead. Hannah quickly made her way done the rope ladder on the side of the building and raced towards her friends. She laughed maniacally as they had all practiced and the picked up the waterproof cloths that she had used as capsules for the water.

“Alright, you two can get up now.” Hannah grinned and her friends revived themselves and sat there laughing.

“You hit us a lot faster than last time.” The boy, Qi, said.

Before Hanah could reply she heard her mother yelling for her.

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