Revenge of the Journal

Dear Mandi,
It has been a pleasure being your journal, don’t get me wrong, but the constant angst, fretting, worry, and tear stains have gotten out of control!

My pages are bubbling out of shape, my edges are frayed, and the glue is about to give up and release your secrets from its grip. I’m afraid my spine can’t take any more of your ticket stubs, photos, and gum wrappers collected from every teenie-tiny moment of your puny existence.

Life is about more than stalking those you wish you could be. You have to get out of the shadows and do something for yourself. If you want Kyle to notice you, then do something to get his attention! If you really want to be a star, then get up on stage!

You always complain that you can’t, but you never try. I’m fed up! I’m about to write the notes for you and mail them myself, but that would teach you nothing.

One more entry of your self-loathing and I’m throwing myself in the fireplace!

Your Journal

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