The Worst Part

You know what the worst part is? You don’t? Of course you don’t. You never know anything. Isn’t that the reason for the thousands of idk’s? Of course you wouldn’t know what hurts me the most. God forbid you actually pay attention to how you affect me, whether it be the guilt you inspire or the anger you incite or the love you force to blossom. You don’t know and you never will. You’ll never see what you do to me. You’ll never see how your every action or inaction affects me.

Still wondering what the worst part is? Well I’ll fill you in. Just like I’ve had to fill you in about everything else between us. The worst part is I’ve known the entire time that you were just using me. I’ve known that I’ve just been your cure for boredom, the person to go to when no one else answers their text . I’ve been the person you go to when no one else wants anything to do with you and vice versa.

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