Airships: Distracted and Interested

Hawkeye had watched her leave with a sense of deja vu, puzzlement, perhaps even suspicion, and he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

“Hawkeye, are you alright? You seem… distracted.” The doctor said as he walked over to him with a set of bandages for Hawkeye’s

Hawkeye watched the knife wound being bound and said, “I’m fine, Doc. Just thinking about the Captain’s newest guest, that’s all. Wondering how long it will be until he assigns her a job & considers her part of the crew.”

The doctor, Cyrus Phlox, frowned, “She is far too young, I think, for a job on board an airship that confronts so many dangers!”

Hawkeye smirked, “She doesn’t look too young to me. 17, perhaps? Plus, she doesn’t seem to shy away from danger. Elletra was right in the middle of the action. And she handled herself very well. She’d be a fine crewmember.”

Doctor Phlox shrugged and continued his work. Hawkeye, though, left for his post still thinking about the girl with a smile that hid a thousand secrets. And he wanted to know more.

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