If I Could...

If I could…
I’d paint the wind with glitter,
I’d make water taste like fruit,
I’d blast music at every street corner,
I’d have everyone talk one language,
I’d have hills rolling around the world,
I’d get rid of debt on the planet,
I’d have roses instead of cement and tar,
I’d make every acre of land habitable and free,
I’d host a giant ball every third Wednesday,
I’d feed every hungry person on Earth,
I’d give everyone a colorful mask when they don’t feel like themselves,
I’d have everyone be trustworthy, kind, & without prejudice,
I’d cure every sickness ever known to man,
I’d make sure children have loving homes to go to every day,
I’d give a purposeful job to any person who wanted one,
I’d prevent wars and senseless killing and crimes of any sort,
I’d give everyone a chance to live forever in a perfect world,

But since I can’t do any of those things, I’ll stick to giving people a chance to learn about a hope. I’ll tell them that they aren’t alone or ignored. I’ll say how to live a life full of meaning.

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